Instructor: Owen O’Connor

Fee:  €1,850 per person

Deposit: €300

Fee Includes: Accommodation for 4 Nights in a villa (Bed and Breakfast) and transportation. (Not flights).

Group Size: 6 Max (We like to keep groups small)

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Gift Vouchers Available

Our Lanzarote photography workshop takes place amongst some of Lanzarote’s finest natural beauty. Our focus on this workshop will be on the natural beauty of Lanzarote.

Owen has made countless trips to this island so learning new skills will be combined with photographing hand picked beautiful locations. If you want to photograph dramatic mountains, lakes and seascapes then this is the workshop for you. It’s a masterclass so a basic level of technical competence is assumed and our focus will be on light and composition.

We will be located in an Air B&B villa in a beautiful region of Lanzarote. Our proximity to our shoots will allow us to become immersed in nature and the group dynamic.  The main photographic focus will be on portait and fine art nude photography and abstract depictions of the natural environment. A fully manual camera (digital SLR) and tripod are essential. We want to teach you how to make art not take snaps.

Workshop Program
We do not set out a specific location itinerary, as Owen will bring you to the best locations under prevailing light conditions. As a general guide however, we will be visiting the lakes, vineyards and beaches within Lanzarote.

Our days will entail sunrise and sunset shoots. We will be having a break for a few hours after breakfast if you need a snooze. The day will then be divided between shooting, critiquing and post processing in Photoshop and Lightroom. We will begin with a sunset shoot Monday and finish up on Thursday after our sunrise shoot.
Workshop Information - Lanzarote in Focus
Costs and What’s Included for the Workshop
The cost of the workshop is €1,850 per person. For this fee you will receive all tuition as described above. Accommodation in an Air B&B villa (bed and breakfast), transportation costs (from accommodation to shoot locations). 

Organise your own flights to Lanzarote.

 Alcohol and snacks are not included.
It’s an all-inclusive 5 day workshop so all you have to do is worry about making beautiful images and learning great new skills.


Flights to and from Ireland
Snacks and alcohol
Personal insurance
Technical Benefits
• Advanced Exposure
• Shooting in Manual
• RAW Processing
• Benefits and Practical Application
• Landscape Filters - Graduated Neutral Density/Polarisers
• Why is the angle of the sun so important - Understanding Light and seeing like your camera
• Using Graduated Neutral Density Filters - the most important tool in Landscape Photography (provided where possible)
• The Importance of Composition - Using Lines and Texture – the Rule of Thirds
• Composition
• Post Production

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