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Location: Dublin - One 2 One
Instructor: Owen O’Connor
Fee:   Full day €550
Half day (no photoshop) €350
Deposit: €75
Level: Beginner
Workshop Information – Dublin in Focus
One 2 One
Half and full days are available.
Tailored to suit you individually, you will have Owen's undivided attention for the day, maximising your learning curve.
This workshop will be tailored to suit your needs specifically. Normally a good day is about 4 hours shooting outdoors with about 3 hours of critique and post processing in photoshop. 
Based around the Dublin area.
Full day €550
Half day (no photoshop) €350
Group workshops are also available. Please contact Owen for more information.

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What you will learn
Here are some of the topics around what the workshop will be based on. This is just a guide as the workshop will be more in depth as general discussion and individual stumbling blocks lead to a fuller and deeper understanding:
Understanding Exposure
Shooting in Manual - F stops and shutter speed explained
Understanding Depth of Field
What is ASA?
Aperture and Shutter Priority Explained
Why shoot RAW?
Understanding and choosing the Correct White Balance
Histograms Explained - Why exposing to the right of a histogram is important
Filters - Graduated Neutral Density/Polarisers
Choosing the Correct Shutter Speed - Make Waterfalls and Rivers silky, Seascapes look ethereal and misty
Compositional techniques - Rule of Thirds - strong foreground interest and how to optimise subject matter.
Why research locations? Why is the direction of sunlight important? - Understanding Light and how your camera sees light.
Costs and What’s Included for the Workshop
The cost of the workshop is €550 for a full day.
Technical Benefits
• Advanced Exposure • Shooting in Manual • RAW Processing
• Benefits and Practical Application
• Landscape Filters - Graduated Neutral Density/Polarisers
• Why is the angle of the sun so important - Understanding Light and seeing like your camera
• Using Graduated Neutral Density Filters - The Most Important Tool in Landscape Photography (Provided Where Possible)
• The Importance of Composition - Using Lines and Texture – the Rule of Thirds
• Composition • Post Production
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